Account and Payment Options

  • How do I sign up for QuickPick?
  • If your business needs access to flexible same-day deliveries it’s easy to sign up as a QuickPick User.

A Guide to Quick Pick

  • What information will I need to create a User account?
  • As a User, you will be able to place delivery orders with QuickPick.

Signing Up

  • What are the requirements to sign up?
  • To sign up as a User,all we need is your basic contact information


  • What if I need help using the app or the site?
  • QuickPick recommends that people who
  • have trouble interacting with our products use whatever assistance they need.

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

  • What if my Driver is late/doesn’t show up?
  • Drivers who know they will be late
  • have a responsibility to update the app with the nature and expected length of their delay.
Get help in the app

Just head to "HELP" in the Quick Pick app navigation.

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